Simple Profit

Simple Booking

Increasing your direct bookings

Explore the features that make Simple Booking a worldwide leader in hotel booking engine interfaces.

A Fresh and Customized Design

Designed to increase conversion rate and user ease and efficiency, we provide each hotel the option to customize colors and branding elements into an easily adaptable template.


From real-time price comparison to automatic rate alignments, our Simple Booking interface adjusts your hotel’s rate to other OTA’s, resulting in a guaranteed best rate for hotel guests.

Upsell Additional Services and Experiences

Creating new and direct business revenue before a guest even checks into your hotel. This service is also beneficial to each hotel guest as it simplifies travel experience and allows for comfort and efficiency prior to arrival.

Develop an accurate promotion strategy, including

• Back-end software that is user friendly and dynamic, and offers the ability to create unlimited promotions that can be aligned on your website and homepage.
• Front-facing software that results in the most attractive offer for your guest and links directly to your revenue.


Implementing state-of-the-art security systems and certifications that protect both the hotel owners and customers, creating safe and secure portals for business and credit card transactions.

Secret Rates

Helping you develop a guest CRM database that can create special discounts to increase returning guest rates and customer loyalty.

Booking Recovery

Automatically launching pop ups and communicating with guests as they attempt to leave the website to optimize revenue and prevent business being directed to competitors.


Develop and sell customized and attractive packages, experiences and services that both connect hotel guests to the destination in which they are visiting and create new streams of revenue for the hotel via in-house services or third-party commissions.

Dynamic Dashboard

Our Business Intelligence formulas result in precise decision making and business predictions for each hotel owner. From demand and reservation analysis to “pick up time” and click-rate-turnover, our dashboards create a lay of the land for you to fully understand every aspect of your digital presence and online booking infrastructure, from past and present to future.