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Simple Profit’s wide range of services can be customized and tailored to the specific needs of your hotel and business

Booking Engine

Increase your conversion rate with a state-of-the-art reservation interface created by Simple Booking that services more than 4,000 hotels around the world. Stylish, fast and user-friendly, our booking engine is compatible with all desktop and mobile devices and provides hotel room availability in real-time, special offers, package and experience opportunities for upselling, geo-localized offers, an advanced discount system and beyond.
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Search Engine Marketing

Optimize your cost-per-click with Google Adwords and campaigns that result in a financially viable and measurable way to promote your hotel and attract new business.

Homepage Optimization

Our signature UX and UI technologies are compatible with mobile and desktop devices and are designed for a smooth and seamless user experience that drives and increases direct bookings. Amongst our technologies embedded in your homepage include 24/7 LiveChat Customer Support, Automated Pop-up Messages and Accessibility Solutions.

Social Media

Our in-house team of social media experts create a customized strategy for each of our hotel clients, beginning with audience and objectives to creating original content, platform management and posting strategies, audience engagement and customer tracking that leads to new interest and direct bookings for our hotel clients.

Meta Search Integration and Management

Capturing and optimizing your increase in digital traffic, Simple Profit actively manages your MetaSearch presence to maximize your return on investment on the leading platforms: Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor and Trivago.

Automatic Room Upgrading

Selling room upgrades to the highest bidder with real-time AI Based inventory optimization platform according to availability, season and starting rates.

Search Engine Optimization

Directing your investment to the most efficient and useful tools, we are expertly trained in creating greater visibility and search results for our hotel clients around the world. We work with our clients to identify keywords and phrases pertaining to the needs and interests of a hotel’s direct guest, while also exploring new audience possibilities to generate new streams of business. These keywords maximize visibility and result in an increase in traffic directly to your hotel’s website.

BI Solutions

Simple Profit offers functional Google Analytics integration and real-time business reporting dashboards to keep our clients in tune with the immediate revenue increases in their hotels. Our reporting tools track important data and statistics about user traffic, business retention, geo-location, pick-up behaviour and forecasts for future business.